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SENSORS High specification, waterproof, individually calibrated sensors for the measurement of UVA, UVB and/or UVI light                                                                                                              UVA                      UVB                                                                 UVI
Apollo hand-held meter for instantaneous readings SpectroSense2+ for instantaneous readings and/or short-term datalogging DataHog2 datalogger for long-term datalogging
Skye UVA Sensor Skye UVB Sensor Skye UVI Sensor Skye Apollo Hand-held Meter Skye SpectroSense2+ Meter & Datalogger Skye DataHog2 datalogger Skye Apollo Package 1 Skye Apollo Package 2 Skye Apollo Package 3
Apollo Hand-held Meter with choice of one UV Sensor
Apollo Hand-held Meter with choice of two UV Sensors
Apollo Hand-held Meter with choice of three UV Sensors